All-Star voting is already underway, so let’s fill out a proper ballot

Holy hell this position is loaded. If MVP voting were held right now, both Altuve and Cano would garner significant interest. I can’t go against the diminutive stud Altuve, though, who brings a .338/.423/.641 line with 13 steals and nine homers into Saturday. His added power has taken his game to another level.

Here’s how loaded this position is: Castro is hitting .298/.341/.476 and he’d be the ninth choice. Lowrie is hitting .304 and he’d be 10th!

Shortstop options: Elvis Andrus, Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, Ketel Marte, Marcus Semien, Troy Tulowitzki

Russell Wilson gave a smart and funny commencement speech to University of Wisconsin graduates last weekend. And while it was full of sage advice and life lessons, it was really a revealing portal into what drives the Seahawks quarterback.

Wilson, whom by now all of us should know never to discount, recounted all of the times that life had told him “No.” The list went from losing his father — the single greatest influence on his life — at a young age to being told he would never be a top college passer to being informed he was no longer wanted as the quarterback at North Carolina State.

Oh, yeah, and there was the second Super Bowl he came a few seconds from winning and lost in the most heartbreaking fashion in NFL history.

I only hope these guys found a yogi, a higher-being — maybe the Dali Lama had some free time? — to help guide them through the abyss they faced for these past few weeks and the horror they had to live through watching the Eagles draft Carson Wentz second overall. I bet the climate control in his mansion was a few degrees off and the finger sandwiches weren’t cut properly either that night.

Tough gig, man. But let me let you in on a little secret — this holdout/trade demand/temper tantrum has had the durability of an average Bradford season. He’s got nowhere to go, nobody else wants him (which is why he signed a bloated Band-aid contract in the first place, and only so many shoulders to cry on besides Condon’s).

He’ll be back to work soon enough, probably even Monday, and he’ll try to say all the right things. The problem is he’s still a guy with like a .300 winning percentage.

My crystal ball says: Forget Wentz. Bradford loses his job to Chase Daniel — the new coach’s handpicked backup, by Thanksgiving. If that’s the case, again, godspeed out there on the open market next year.

Actually, leaving injuries aside for now, you could make the case that a third of the league will be poised to turn over the starting job by 2017. At least I could.

Next March has the potential to be even more wacky than what we just experienced on the quarterback market:

Some quarterbacks on what are essentially expensive or relatively expensive prove-it deals — see Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford and Robert Griffin III.
A few big-money passers are entering potential lame-duck years — see Jay Cutlerand Drew Brees.
Some are heading into the last year of any real guaranteed money owed to them — see Ryan Tannehill and Alex Smith.
Others are getting older and staring at a significant 2017 roster bonus — see Carson Palmer.
Some younger starters are failing to get any financial mandate whatsoever — seeTyrod Taylor.
The Jets are still without a viable Week 1 starter, and it’s safe to assume the quarterback shuffle will be robust and continue into the conclusion of the 2016 season.

This is one area where supply seemingly never meets demand, and it is in those crevices that pedestrian quarterbacks get grossly overcompensated with teams often fooling themselves into thinking these cats are something they are not.

With that in mind, here’s my attempt to track the quarterback hot spots of 2017 as they presently stand, and put a list together of the teams who could be going with a new QB atop their depth chart by this time next spring.

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