Adidas gives Jim Harbaugh his own Kansas jersey

Yes, I’m sure new Jets coach Todd Bowles would be ecstatic and new Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan would be thrilled, but I don’t think their combined happiness would even be one-tenth of this guy’s.

By my calculations, which I did on a napkin five minutes before I wrote this, the chances of the Jets ending up with Mariota fall somewhere between zero and 4.3 percent.

As we all know, he only wears one outfit. He works, sleeps, eats, and whatever else he might do in khakis and his 49ers shirt. (It’s not actually true but go with it.)

Although randomly stumbling onto Harbaugh at a Six Flags wearing this Jayhawks jersey and a pair of $8 khakis would make for a pretty funny photo.

Ravens offering Ray Rice jersey exchange at team store

Every time a popular player is sent packing from an NFL team in disgrace, the team usually offers a refund of the player’s jersey to fans. The Ravens will continue that trend with Ray Rice.

On Tuesday, the team announced fans could exchange their Rice jerseys at team stores, though precise details will be released at a later date.

Before the assault incident on his wife, Rice was one of the most popular athletes in Baltimore. It stands to reason there are lots of Ravens fans with Rice jerseys out there.

Rice was released by the Ravens on Monday shortly after new, graphic elevator footage of him striking his wife was released publically. The NFL then suspended Rice indefinitely.

The Patriots offered a similar exchange for Aaron Hernandez jerseys after the former star tight end was arrested, charged with murder and released by New England all on the same day.

We already know the Super Bowl match-up. It’s the Broncos and Seahawks in one of the most-anticipated pairings we’ve head in quite some time. But the important question is what jerseys will they be wearing?

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