The sky isn’t going to fall if networks show the booing of protesting players.

Snead and McVay know there are tougher defenses ahead on the schedule, including matchups with divisional foes Seattle and Arizona (each twice), plus road trips to face the solid defenses of the Vikings and Giants.

But they like what they’ve seen so far and are hoping the success carries through the regular season and into the playoffs.

Perhaps it’s unfair to judge networks by strict journalistic standards since they are effectively billion-dollar business partners with the league. But viewers shouldn’t have to go to Cheap Hockey Jerseys For Sale social media or local newspapers to find out what really happens inside stadiums.

We’re all big boys and girls.

Plenty of people are dubious about the league’s real aim in all of this. Does it really support the players’ rights to protest, or was the emphasis on “Unity” a self-serving PR ploy by a league seeking to deflect attention from the real causes of Kaepernick’s protest?

Deadspin’s Tom Ley, for example, called BS on “Choose Your Side” Sunday: “The Cheap Google Jerseys NFL is literally using this for brand marketing.”

Next time, the networks showing NFL games should keep it real. Give us the truth, as uncomfortable as that might be, and not the glossy, Hallmark card-version the NFL wants us to see.


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