Dodgers prospect Willie Calhoun is finding exciting ways to bide his time in the minor leagues

The same night Dodgers prospect Alex Verdugo hit one of the weirdest home runs ever, another member of the the Oklahoma City Dodgers AAA team had his own fun with a home run. It just wasn’t as obvious.

Two scouts and an executive said Marlins knew what was coming from Darvish. A slight pause with hands when he was throwing his fastball.

Makes sense. Earlier this year, an alert reader emailed me after watching a GIF I’d made of a Giants reliever. He was tipping his pitches in a very obvious way, and once you saw it, you couldn’t unsee it. I got word to the team, and the tipping stopped. Tipping happens, and all you can do is hope that someone catches it before the other team.

This is baseball in the year 2017. Just know that when the Dodgers or Astros or Yankees beat your team in the postseason with a completely fixed Darvish, that it’s all Jeff Passan’s fault. It’s almost a sweet story. But Darvish is probably coming for you and the team you love. Be afraid.

“They’re all pretty, all athletic, all with big boobs, all wearing low-cut shirts like Miami, all showing cleavage, every one of ‘em,” he says, showing me a picture of previous Marlins cheerleaders. “You see a lot of ‘em look like Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. They’re showing cleavage.”

“This is what you wanted to bring back?” I ask.

“Yeah, I wanted to bring back energy and positiveness,” he says. “And I asked the Marlins, and they said no. I said, ‘I’ll pay for this,’ and they weren’t into it.”

Marlins Man tells me bringing back the Mermaids would help Cheap Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys distract the other Cheap Packer Jerseys team’s players when they’re in the field. It’s worked before, he says, when one of the women recently flashed a Cardinals player.


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