Ravens’ Colin Kaepernick pursuit proves quest to trash QB’s ability belongs in trash

The Ravens are thinking about signing Colin Kaepernick, and they’re asking everybody within a 100-mile radius of their downtown stadium what to do — their fans, their sponsors, their current players, the ex-player of whom they built a statue. And they asked the public “pray” for them.

They’re showing no signs, however, of asking any of the above whether Kaepernick can actually play NFL-level quarterback.

Which makes you wonder exactly what all those experts around the league who talked all offseason long about Kaepernick’s ability really were talking about.

Gabbert proved against the Cowboys that’s always the case, and that’s enough for now.

“It’s the first preseason game,” Gabbert said flatly. “One of five this year, so there is going to be some good film to watch. Mistakes were made that we’ve got to learn from. It’s a long training camp, and we’ve got another game next week.”

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has never been afraid to speak his mind. So when one of the league’s most outspoken individuals has something to say about Colin Kaepernick, you know he’s not going to sugarcoat the topic.

In a startingly candid USA Today interview published Wednesday, Sherman talked about the former 49ers quarterback and his inability to find a role as even a backup QB in the league. Most people suspect Kaepernick’s social-justice activism in kneeling during the national anthem before games last year has made NHL Cheap Jerseys him a pariah around the league, but Sherman was brutally blunt in his take on Nike NFL Jerseys 2014 Kaepernick’s plight.


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