How the Vikings-Colts coin flip will decide the 2017 NFL draft order

For the first time in three years, a coin flip is necessary to finalize the NFL draft order. At the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine, the Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts will flip a coin to decide which team lands the No. 15 pick, although the Vikings already signed the rights of their first-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The last time it happened was in 2014, when the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys flipped a coin to determine who would pick No. 16. Two years prior to that, a pair of flips were necessary to decide if the Carolina Panthers or Miami Dolphins would have the No. 8 pick and if the Kansas City Chiefs or Seattle Seahawks would have the No. 12 selection.

The Vikings and Colts both finished with 8-8 records, and Minnesota’s opponents finished with a 125-129-2 that matched the 126-130 record of Indianapolis opponents. The tied marks were helped by the fact that the AFC South and NFC North faced each other in 2016, and the two divisions had similar standings:

“We just started talking and chatting and started competing and brought the best out of each other,” Cook said. “I think once you connect like that we just followed each other. Me and Leonard been close ever since. We stayed in contact through college and we just built a bond from there.”

Whatever order they get picked in, they owe some thanks to Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. Cook and Fournette were quick to praise Elliott for boosting the value of running backs in the draft after the Cowboys rookie had almost 2,000 total yards and 16 touchdowns last season.

In the right system, Cook is confident he can make a similar impact to Elliott.

“It goes to show if a running back gets put in the right system, you put him in the right place, he can do a great amount of things for a team,” Cook said. “I feel like if I can put in the right system I can do the same things that Zeke did.”4


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