Government study finds lower suicide rate among ex-NFL players

Recently, the NFL admitted that a link between CTE and football does, in fact, exist.NFL owners — Jerry Jones, in particular — spoke out against that statement, though. A study published in September by Frontline found that 87 of 91 deceased NFL players had CTE.

According to USA Today, the study also acknowledged other shortcomings of the research. For instance, it did not consider players who suffered from “significant psychological impairments.” It also warned against drawing “reliable conclusions” from the data.

“Clearly, our one study does not resolve the issue of suicide in football,” the study said, per USA Today. “Before reliable conclusions can be drawn on any relationship among football play, concussion, CTE, and suicide, more work needs to be done in several areas: (1) quantitatively assessing football-related risk factors, particularly in collecting valid concussion data; (2) collecting longitudinal non-football related suicide risk factor data, including the existence and prevalence of recurring pain among current and retired players; and (3) analysis of how the higher income and socioeconomic profile of professional football players compared to the general population positively or negatively affects suicide risk.”

The results of the study, published online last week, will be printed in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in September, ESPN reported.

For the first time since IK Enemkpali clocked Geno Smith in the locker room last summer, Marshall is realizing that Smith might not be that much worse of an option than Fitzpatrick. It’s taken some time, but Marshall might’ve finally realized that Fitzpatrick is nothing more than a consistently mediocre quarterback.

The NFL has been surprisingly open to the idea of the Raiders in Vegas as well.

“We’d have to understand [gambling], we’d have to understand what the impact is on us and ultimately each owner would have a vote on that,” Roger Goodell said recently. “That would be a factor that I think many owners would have to balance, the league would have to balance, but until we got a hard proposal that really put that in front of us, we’d have to understand what the ramifications of that are.”

And those work habits have apparently translated over to the field during rookie minicamp.

“As far as Jared is concerned, I thought he did a really good job,” Fisher said. “A little frustrated at times for him because he’s setting the back foot and getting ready to go and we’re running half-speed routes, so the timing stuff doesn’t work out. So, if you see balls hit the ground or things like that, it’s all because we’re encouraging the skill players not to run full speed. He’s doing a great job of picking up our offense.”

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