School Tells Greeley Boy To Take Off Manning Jersey

“It was my principal. He said I had to take it off and that we weren’t allowed to wear it because it was a gang number,” Konnor said.

So far officials with the school district haven’t spoken about the situation on camera, despite numerous attempts by CBS4 to contact them.

“I knew that Greeley had a gang problem but I didn’t think in any event it should affect someone that’s in third grade,” Vanatta said.

Vanatta said she appreciates that school leaders want to be cautious, but she worries maybe they are just “giving the gangs what they want.”

“When they are counting and when they’re learning their numbers, are they going to make them skip 14, 13, 41, 81, 18 when they are counting? It’s getting ridiculous,” she said.

A school district spokesman told the Denver Post late Wednesday they “hope people would understand it has nothing to do with (Manning) or the Broncos.” Roger Fiedler told the newspaper they may reconsider the ban on the Manning jersey because of the NFL legend’s incredible popularity.

When Manning signed with the Broncos in the spring No. 18 was retired. It was a tribute to Denver’s first quarterback, Frank Tripucka. But since it’s the number Manning has worn his whole NFL career, Tripucka personally told Manning he would be happy to see him wear it.

The Hall of Fame quarterback, who spent 13 years in San Francisco and won four Super Bowls, says that Kaepernick could have a problem trying to win back the locker room. During an interview with, Montana pointed out that it’s going to be even harder for Kaepernick because he has a soft-spoken demeanor.

“Well, (the quarterback) is usually the leader of the team in most cases, and people look to him at this point, and he’s a quiet person,” Montana said. “He doesn’t share a lot, he doesn’t talk to a lot of the guys. And that’s difficult for an offense to operate because the communication between the quarterback and the receiver is one of the most important things.”

Basically, it sounds like Freeney has already eliminated the Browns, Titans andBuccaneers from the pool of teams that he might eventually sign with.

Although the veteran has been a free agent for over two months now, he’s not panicking. Freeney understands that most NFL teams aren’t out looking for a 36-year-old pass-rusher.

“The thing is, when you are when you are as old as me … those teams want to figure out what they want to do,” Freeney said. “They have their young guys, they have their draft picks, so an older guy like me who’s been playing for a while, you know what, they want to take their time and that’s OK. I don’t mind.”

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