Rose is a better player right now than Deron Williams

Both teams would prefer for New York to buy out Anthony so they can sign him outright, but so far, the Knicks don’t like that solution. It’s understandable — why cut him, creating dead salary for two seasons, when you could trade it all away and potentially get back some future assets.

So far, Anthony isn’t holding out or exerting a bad influence behind the scenes. By all accounts, he does really enjoy being in New York for non-basketball reasons — his estranged wife, LaLa, and son live there, and Anthony remains an active part of his son’s life. Still, the Knicks are wandering aimlessly while the Cavaliers and Rockets offer Anthony an opportunity to play for a contender while meeting up with one of his old Banana Boat friends, either LeBron James or Chris Paul.

It will probably take a trade, then. Let’s ignore, for now, whether the Rockets or Cavaliers should be trying to trade for him, and whether he would actually help them become a more viable playoff contender. Here are a couple hypothetical ways he could join either roster.

Rose is a better player right now than Deron Williams, who arrived midseason to serve as the supplemental shot creator needed to let Kyrie rest and LeBron play off the ball. But Williams was wildly overmatched throughout the Wholesale Jerseys All playoffs. Rose gives Cleveland a better chance as long as he plays within the system, tries Super Cheap Jerseys hard on defense, and defers to the Cavaliers’ brighter stars.


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