Star-studded 2007 MLB draft class enduring wacky, underwhelming season

It’s unfair to judge a draft class until significant time has passed, especially in baseball, the sport with the longest typical lag time before draftees begin contributing.

Ten years is plenty of time to assess a batch of draft picks. So what did the 2007 class provide to baseball?

It’s going to be much harder to stop the team on that front now.

The team knows it, and according to a quote tweeted out by a Washington Post beat writer, the owner knows it, too.

Statement from #Redskins Owner Dan Snyder on Supreme Court ruling: “I am THRILLED! Hail to the Redskins.”

But do not let it be forgotten how shady this win was. It’s the Tuck Rule of Supreme Court trademark rulings. It still counts. It still adheres to the law in place. It’s also still as backdoor as a court win can be. The team knew it, and so did everybody Cheap Jerseys In UK who saw it when they pulled it off.

The team wrote an amicus brief supporting defendant Simon Tam’s assertion that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office could not prevent him from naming his Asian-American band “The Slants.” He used that derogatory term on purpose, he insisted, to “reclaim” it from those who use it against them.

The team’s brief, essentially, said that hey, if he can used Cheap Jerseys MLB With Free Shipping derogatory terms in his business venture, we should be able to, too.

To repeat: cynical, disingenuous, backhanded and shady.


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