NFL made a change to overtime that has fans upset

NFL owners voted in favor of changing overtime rules so that instead of a 15-minute extra period, it will be a 10-minute one.

The move is questionable on the surface: why give teams five less minutes, which will pretty much guarantee more ties in the NFL? An additional five minutes doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but to owners, this is apparently an attempt for the league to claim it cares about player safety.


The shift is being billed as a player-safety issue, because of concerns about the number of additional plays if teams play a full 15-minute overtime, particularly if one of those teams has to play its next game on a short week.

Grigson, who was fired in January after five seasons, blamed the $140 million contract of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck as a reason for the team’s lack of depth. Following three straight 11-5 seasons and reaching the playoffs each year, the Colts missed the postseason with consecutive 8-8 years. Grigson and Colts coach Chuck Pagano reportedly had a strained relationship, but Grigson now gets to begin anew in Cleveland.

“We are excited to add Ryan to our personnel department,” Berry said of Grigson, who also worked in the scouting departments for the Eagles and Rams and had a brief playing career with the Bengals. “Having worked with him for four years with the Colts, I know Ryan is an individual with a palpable passion for scouting, a tireless work ethic and an insatiable competitive drive. His Cheap Jerseys And Snapbacks experiences as an NFL player and executive will prove valuable to the mission of our group, while Cheap Jerseys Elite his team-orientation and personal integrity will continue to strengthen our department’s culture.”


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