Cleveland looked ready to play and it showed defensively as well.

James is not messing around en route a potential seventh consecutive NBA Finals. He came out of the gate aggressive and ready to crush the Toronto Raptors from the get-go. It was easy to forget that this was merely Game 1, because James was that disrespectful.

He finished with 35 points, four assists, and 10 rebounds, and was San Jose Sharks Cheap Jerseys clearly the best player on the floor, able to put his head down and get to wherever, whenever.

The Raptors, like most other teams, had absolutely no answer for him. James’ teammates filled in perfectly as the three-point flamethrowers he needs to win games too, and that spelled disaster for Toronto.
Even after a week off since their last game, Cleveland looked ready to play and it showed defensively as well.

Defensively, Cleveland did a better job than they had done the entire series against the Pacers. Part of this is the simple fact that the Raptors just don’t have anybody as good as Paul George. Every single pick and roll action initiated by Kyle Lowry or DeMar DeRozan was trapped at the point of attack, and the Raptors bigs were not able to make them pay as playmakers. Serge Ibaka, Jonas Valanciunas, and Patrick Patterson all failed to take advantage of the four-on-three situations that the Cavaliers afforded them. Chalk this defensive gameplan as a win for Tyronn Lue.

Deep down, Rob Rossi and his ilk know that their words will drive calls for the Penguins to take retribution on a Caps star, (ideally, in the twisted logic followed by people who believe their articles, Alex Ovechkin). They know that their words might mean that, in a split second, a player decides to land an otherwise-avoidable hit that could end another player’s career out of a misguided need to satisfy the bloodlust drummed into them by day and month and year of journalists screaming for aggression as an ideal, but many don’t care.

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