Russell Westbrook showed everything we love and hate about him in 1 quarter

Russell Westbrook’s fourth quarter brickfest in the Thunder’s Game 2 loss to the Rockets on Wednesday was a window into what can happen when a fuse burns out. It led to a day’s worth of self-reflection about the Russ phenomenon and what the Thunder organization may have enabled. Was Russ selfish? Is he jeopardizing the Thunder’s chances by monopolizing the ball, or does he simply have no choice but to go it alone.

The reporter asked Adams about the fact that for the second time Cheap Discount Jerseys in three games when Westbrook went to the bench, the Thunder struggled to keep their lead on the Rockets. Westbrook quickly took the question himself as he didn’t want Adams to have to answer it.

Hold on Steven. I don’t wan’t nobody to try to split us up, we all one team. Regardless if I go to the bench, if Steven is on the floor, if I’m off the floor, we in this together. Don’t split us up. Don’t Cheap Dodgers Jerseys try to split us up, make us go against each other.

The reporter tried to clarify and say that he wasn’t trying to split them up but they haven’t played well in situations when Westbrook wasn’t on the floor. The two went back and forth for a bit but it ended it with a lot of “next question” from Westbrook. In fact he said it five different times. The reporter kept pressing, even saying he wasn’t going to give the microphone away to anyone else, but Westbrook won this battle in the end and Adams never said a word. Next question.


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