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They are this year’s Giants, filling all their key defensive holes in one big spending spree. As good as Olivier Vernon, Damon Harrison and Janoris Jenkins were in transforming a defense that put a team in the playoffs last season, Bouye, Campbell and Church can be collectively better for Jacksonville’s needs.

Bouye piles on the strength at corner opposite second-year stud Jalen Ramsey. Church is an all-around upgrade over Johnathan Cyprien, who left for the Titans. But the Nike NFL Jerseys real coup is Campbell, the supersized end built to wreak havoc against run and pass in their front. Gus Bradley is gone, but the Jags were smart to keep his scheme and concepts and get players suited for it. Watch for both the big plays and stinginess to be raised on every level.

This one’s too obvious. Shelling out huge money for a player who put together a career season in his contract year hardly ever works out. Even in the rare exception where a big-money free agent turns out to be Ndamukong Suh and not the next Albert Haynesworth, it probably isn’t going to do enough to warrant that pay. Overspending can also prevent a losing team from making the free agency signings necessary to propel it in the right direction.

One surprising trend in free agency this offseason has been overpaying mediocre offensive tackles. The Carolina Panthers, for example, gave Matt Kalil a five year, $55 million deal after the Minnesota Vikings gladly watched him walk in free agency.

Finally, the Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns, who made safety Eric Berry and guard Kevin Zeitler the highest-paid players in the league at their respective positions, could NHL Jerseys Cheap come to regret those decisions should either player not live up to what will now be massive expectations.


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